3-14 July 2023

12th World Choir Games - Gangneung/Gangwon, Republic of Korea

Registration deadline: December 7, 2022


With a one-year delay, the World Choir Games will return to Korea in 2023: The city of Gangneung, located in the Gangwong province, is the second Korean city after Busan in 2002 to host the world’s largest international choir competition.

Gangwon-do is experienced in hosting major international events: In 2018 it was the venue of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, which went down in history as the “Peace Games” due to the joint appearance of North and South Korean athletes. A perfect place for the unifying power of choral music to become an even more significant international symbol of peace.

Korea has a vibrant choral scene, which is highly valued in the country and received strong support from politics and community. The country regularly sends its choirs to participate in the World Choir Games – and often return with impressive success.

The host city of the 2023 World Choir Games, Gangneung, is known for its breathtaking location by the sea in front of fantastic mountain scenery. The Olympic Park and the Ice Arena were also venues for the 2018 Winter Olympics and are centrally located in the city. A unique opportunity to breathe real Olympic air here during the World Choir Games!


A warm welcome to Korea!

We are excited to welcome you to the Gangwon-do Province, Republic of Korea, for the 12th edition of the World Choir Games. It is a great pleasure for us to be a guest again in this beautiful country after 20 years, together with the choirs of this world.

Our goal is, for all participants to leave with great memories of Gangwon-do Province and the World Choir Games. We will spare no effort in creating these memories, and look forward to singing with you!

Günter Titsch

Dear singers of all over the world,

lt is so much meaningful and honorable to be a host of “12th World Choir Games” in Gangneung, which is the most beautiful city in the Republic of Korea and the city of UNESCO’s Masterpieces of the oral and intangible Heritage of Humanity. The citizens of Gangneung are eagerly waiting for the most splendid choral festival in the world with those who love singing a song.

We are virtually a number one city of South Korea in the fields of tourism, culture and Art. Besides the city is a logistic hub with ports, railways, highways, and airports. Gangneung has been known for not only a romantic city full of coffee, sea, pine scent, but also the city full of charm where fashion and dignity of thousands of years of history come alive.

Beloved singers of all over the world! The citizens of Gangneung believe that the World Choir Games 2022 will become the most unforgettable festival with the world peace and humanity as the chorus that beautifully harmonizes with various voices and chords.

In order to deliver the most memorable happiness to each one of you, we are preparing the World Choir Games 2022 with all our hearts. We promise that you would be much happier with Gangneung where you would be inspired everyday by our colorful local culture and life with Korea’s tradition, culture, beautiful nature and mouthwatering food as well as the warm friendship and kindness of our citizens.

Everyone, come to Gangneung! Let’s meet at Gangneung!

Dear singers, dear friends from all over the world,

As Governor of Gangwon Province of Republic of Korea, I am so much privileged to welcome you for the world’s largest cultural event, 12th World Choir Games 2022, to our region.

You probably already know that Gangwon Province has already been a successful host of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Games with the whole world watching. A world class of winter sports facilities, accommodation and infrastructure have been impeccably set up with heavenly blessed nature and culture.

Gangwon Province is the only remaining divided province in the world. It’s proven that the region is the venue for the realization of world peace that sublimated conflicts between the two Koreas into peace through sports and cultural olympics.

‘Peace’ and ‘Prosperity’, was the legacy of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. We would like to continue this theme and carry it into the World Choir Games 2022. The Province of Gangwon, South Korea has set this as one of their goals for the legacy of this event. This theme will be announced once again to the world when we welcome the international community in 2022.

We look forward to seeing all of you in Gangneung, Gangwon Province in July 2022, returning with much interest and support from all over the world.

Moon Soon Choi

Dear choristers all over the world,

I want to welcome you all to the 2022 World Choir Game where choristers from all over the world gather together to sing. I am very happy to announce that the 2022 World Choir Game is being held in Korea, Gangwondo Province, at Gangneung City.

Gangneung is a city that is surrounded by beautiful mountains and the sea. It is also part of the province where the successful Pyeongchang Winter Olympics took place in 2018. Korea has a vibrant choral scene that is strongly supported by the community, audience and administration as well. It is a special honor for us to host the World Choir Games for the second time and to join China and Austria as the only countries having had this opportunity so far.

Singers from Korea have joined music universities around the globe and returned home with international music experience, education and fantastic memories of their academic hosts. They are all looking forward to welcome and share these memories again with the choirs of the world. I hope all of you from all over the world to join us in Korea to experience this wonderful festival.

Dr. Hakwon Yoon

Participation opportunities

The World Choir Games invites all non-professional choirs of the world to participate. The Games offer fair and realistic competition to experienced competitive choirs as well as choirs with relatively little international experience. The World Choir Games offer The Champions Competition and The Open Competition. These two competitions allow choirs the opportunity to participate at the appropriate level.

Choirs who choose not to be placed in the competition, but seek to be part of the international experience of can participate in the non-competitive evaluation activities.

The Champions Competition is for choirs with international competitive experience and/or comparable credentials (see A1 in the Competition Information booklet).

In the spirit of “Participation is the highest honor”, choirs, regardless of their present artistic level of achievement, have the opportunity to participate in The Open Competition to gather valuable experience in international competition. A complete description of the competitions can be found in the “Competition Information” booklet.

Both competitions are held in 28 different categories the participating choirs can choose their most suitable from:


The Champions CompetitionThe Open Competition
C1 Young Children’s ChoirsO1 Young Children’s Choirs
C2 Children’s ChoirsO2 Children’s Choirs
C3 Youth Choirs of Equal VoicesO3 Youth Choirs of Equal Voices
C4 Mixed Youth ChoirsO4 Mixed Youth Choirs
C5 University and College ChoirsO5 University and College Choirs
C6 Vocal Ensembles (mixed and equal voices)O6 Vocal Ensembles (mixed and equal voices)
C7 Mixed Chamber ChoirsO7 Mixed Chamber Choirs
C8 Mixed ChoirsO8 Mixed Choirs
C9 Female Chamber ChoirsO9 Female Chamber Choirs
C10 Female ChoirsO10 Female Choirs
C11 Male Chamber ChoirsO11 Male Chamber Choirs
C12 Male ChoirsO12 Male Choirs
C13 Mixed Senior ChoirsO13 Mixed Senior Choirs
C14 Senior Choirs of equal voicesO14 Senior Choirs of equal voices
C15 Musica Sacra a cappellaO15 Musica Sacra a cappella
C16 Musica Sacra with accompanimentO16 Musica Sacra with accompaniment
C17 Music of Spirit and FaithO17 Music of Spirit and Faith
C18 Musica Contemporanea equal voices (contemporary music)O18 Musica Contemporanea equal voices (contemporary music)
C19 Musica Contemporanea mixed voices (contemporary music)O19 Musica Contemporanea mixed voices (contemporary music)
C20 JazzO20 Jazz
C21 GospelO21 Gospel
C22 SpiritualO22 Spiritual
C23 Pop EnsemblesO23 Pop Ensembles
C24 Pop ChoirsO24 Pop Choirs
C25 Scenic Pop / Show ChoirsO25 Scenic Pop / Show Choirs
C26 Folklore a cappellaO26 Folklore a cappella
C27 Folklore with accompanimentO27 Folklore with accompaniment
C28 Scenic FolkloreO28 Scenic Folklore

BI – Evaluation Performance for non-competing choirs
Choirs who choose not to be placed in competition, but seek to be part of the international experience of the Games can participate in the non-competitive evaluation activities. Choirs will sing a program of three pieces for a maximum performance time of 15 minutes in front of a panel of international experts. At the conclusion of the program there will be a brief internal consultation of the panel of choral experts. Finally, the program will be discussed with the choir in an open and amicable atmosphere.

Performance coaching and recommendations will be given for future participation in international competitions. The choirs will receive an official certificate of participation.

BII – Individual Coaching
All participants, whether taking part in the competitions or not, are given the opportunity to participate with their choir in a session with a noted international choir director.

Choirs interested in making use of this opportunity are required to prepare one piece of choral music. An international renowned choral music expert will then rehearse the piece with the choir to provide new artistic ideas and impetus. Choirs not participating in the competition will be presented a certificate and a recommendation for their future participation in international choral competitions.

CI – Friendship Concerts
In addition to their competitive or non–competitive participation, choirs may perform in a friendship concert with other choirs in public venues in and around Gangneung.

These free public concerts provide opportunities to choirs to showcase their musical traditions and costumes of their native land. Choirs, instrumental groups, and dance companies not participating in any other category may also register to only participate in multiple friendship concerts.

CII – Festival Stage Choir
The Closing Ceremony will become a stage for Choral fireworks, as flags of the participating countries are assembled and the colors of the World Choir Games are handed to the next host city. As part of the Closing Ceremony, a massed choir, especially put together for this event, soloists and a full symphony orchestra will perform folk songs from all continents, and popular songs to allow the audience to sing and dance along and conclude the brilliant event.

Choirs who wish to be part of this mass choir, need to register for this activity. These choirs will have to attend compulsory rehearsal sessions with choirs from around the world. Please note that the artistic committee will have the final say in the selection of choirs. Choirs will be required to rehearse the music and arrive prepared for the mass choir rehearsals.

The World Choir Games will also offer workshops, seminars and open rehearsal sessions. During these workshops, choirs, conductors, and individuals will be introduced to international choral literature, singing styles, and performance practices.

New choral experiences will be created by mixing with other singers, getting instructions from the workshop leader and performing in this creative environment might open the eyes and ears of the choristers to new choral experiences.

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