12 - 16 October 2022 Calella & Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain)

Sing For Gold - Spain


10 years of choral music in Calella! We will celebrate this special anniversary with a new event format: SING FOR GOLD and win the WORLD CHORAL CUP in the final round!

Choirs from all over the world are invited to compete for medals, a place in the World Rankings and especially for the golden World Cup of choirs, which will be awarded for the first time in Calella in 2022.

Calella and Barcelona have established as one of the most popular destinations for choir competitions over the past decade: Sunny weather, long sandy beaches, short walking-distances as well as sightseeing and performance opportunities in Barcelona have always made this festival a unique experience for all participants.

Join in and go for the first World Choral Cup!

Event Information

We are very happy to invite you to a grand premiere in 2022. In the new choral competition SING FOR GOLD, singers from all over the world are invited to fill the streets of Calella with music, in a competition for medals and, above all, for the Golden World Cup of Choirs, which will be awarded for the first time in Calella. Be part of a fusion of cultures and unite your voices with singers from all over the world in this global, impressive event. You and your choir can expect a unique experience with musical, tourist and gastronomic highlights! Welcome to Calella, welcome to Catalonia!

  • Günter Titsch, President INTERKULTUR | Montserrat Candini i Puig, Mayor of Calella
1 Children’s Choirs
2 Youth Choirs
3 Chamber Choirs and Vocal Ensembles
4 Adult Choirs
5 Musica Sacra
6 Pop, Jazz, Gospel
7 Folklore

There will be a final competition for the WORLD CHORAL CUP. The category winners are invited to participate in the WORLD CHORAL CUP competition. In addition, the jury has the right to nominate another choir from each category to participate in this competition. The winning choir of the final competition will receive the WORLD CHORAL CUP.

Evaluation Performance

For non-competing choirs

Choirs will sing a program of three pieces for a maximum performance time of 15 minutes in front of a panel of international experts. At the conclusion of the program there will be a brief internal consultation of the panel of choral experts. Finally, the program will be discussed with the choir in an open and amicable atmosphere.

Performance coaching and recommendations will be given for future participation in international competitions. The choirs will receive an official certificate of participation.

For competing choirs

Competing choirs have the chance to present their competition program (in case of several categories a selection from the program) to the jury on October 12. They will get immediate positive artistic and pedagogical advice for improvement and the evaluation does not involve preliminary decisions regarding the competition result.

Individual Coaching

All participants, whether taking part in the competitions or not, are given the opportunity to participate with their choir in a session with a noted international choir director.

Choirs interested in making use of this opportunity are required to prepare one piece of choral music. An international renowned choral music expert will then rehearse the piece with the choir to provide new artistic ideas and impetus. Choirs not participating in the competition will be presented a certificate and a recommendation for their future participation in international choral competitions.

Participating choirs may register to perform together with other international choirs. Choirs must prepare approximately 15 minutes of their own music pre-approved by the artistic committee. The concert should be preferably a cappella or with own instruments. Piano or digital piano can be provided upon request.

The city centre of Calella offers several possibilities for performing in international friendship concerts. Selected choirs can also sing at the famous monastery Montserrat close to Barcelona and at the impressive Cathedral of Barcelona. Please be aware that several friendship concerts are planned open air. In the event that weather conditions do not allow this, some concerts may be cancelled due to the weather. The organizers will try to manage alternatives but choirs do not have any legal claim to this.

Especially on Tuesday, the choirs have the opportunity to sing a friendship concert in the church Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona. The arrival must be on 11th October already and the travel costs to Barcelona are to be paid by the choir.

Choirs can also take part in friendship concerts only.

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