1-6 July 2022

Summa Cum Laude International Youth Music Festival


Music is the language we all speak and the SCL Youth Music Festival gathers young talents from all over the world in Vienna, the capital of music, to perform together on some of the world´s most famous stages. Taking place every July in Vienna’s two main classical concert venues, the Golden Hall of the Musikverein and the Wiener Konzerthaus, the festival offers a truly international environment where a thousand young musicians speak the universal language of music, enjoy intercultural exchanges and build bridges that span continents.

Being one of the few festivals designed for choirs, bands and orchestras at the same time, the SCL Youth Music Festival offers a variety of options: Ensembles may participate either in the Competition or in the non-competitive Celebration. In addition to the competition or celebration we offer workshops within the SCL Academy. Top professionals form the international juries in the Competition and teach our Academy program at the Vienna University of Music. Follow the link Categories to see all the details that apply to you whether you are a choir, a band, an orchestra or a special performance group.

Enjoy interactive workshops and educational lectures, additional concerts with local audiences, and pre-and post-concert tours in Europe.

Event Information

Competition or Celebration? It´s up to you! You can choose if you would rather participate in the competition or the celebration of the Festival. Either way the Summa Cum Laude Youth Music Festival offers you the unique opportunity to perform on Vienna´s most magnificent stages.

The competition will be held in the prestigious Golden Hall of the Musikverein and judged by a selection of top music professionals, all well-respected and well-known internationally. On the last day of the Festival – as one of the highlights – the participating groups selected by the jury will perform their best work before an international and local audience in the Musikverein or in the Konzerthaus.

For the competition ensembles have to present certain compulsory music pieces. You will find all the necessary information on the page “Categories”.

The SCL Celebration offers ensembles the opportunity to take part in the festival without having to compete in the competition. The non-competitive program will culminate with a concert in the Golden Hall of the Musikverein. Ensembles participating in the Celebration will experience the same spirit of the festival and will also interact with ensembles of the competition.

You will find all necessary information for your group on the page categories.

The SCL Academy offers all performing groups the opportunity to participate in unique workshops held in Vienna’s University of Music. These workshops offer an inspirational occasion where individual groups as well as combined ensembles may qualitatively enhance their musical knowledge under the tutelage of distinguished lecturers. All participating groups will take part in two interactive workshops. For the choirs, these will be held together with other groups if possible. The workshops are conducted by members of the festival’s jury. Participants will have the chance to study new pieces and will receive musical and technical advice from the experienced teachers.

Orchestra and band workshops
All orchestras and bands are required to prepare music pieces which will be praticed during the workshops. All participants must therefore bring their own instruments. The workshops are held by members of the festival’s orchestra and band juries.

Choir workshops
The pieces that will be studied during the workshops need not be prepared by the choirs beforehand. The workshops are held by members of the choir jury.

Both the orchestra and the choir workshops will have a length of approximately 45 minutes each. All participants will receive a diploma for the classes they have attended.

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