Dr Andrea Angelini

I warmly invite your choir to the only choral competition that really takes part In Venice.You will sing at the beautiful 'Auditorium Santo Margherita and at the Church of 'St. Salvador'.

And if you are the lucky winners of the Grand Prix you will have the honor to sing the Sunday Moss at the beovtiful 'Basillica dei Frari'. Do come to Venice to enjoy the Claudio Monteverdi Choral Competition'

Dr Andrea Angelini


Letter of inspiration Ola Gjeilo

Dear choral friend, Getting to write my Sunrise Mass was a dream come true, as I'd ·always wanted to do a mass, and this particular commission in 2007 gave me the opportunity to write a large work for choir and string orchestra. I wanted the musical development of the work to evolve from the most transparent and spacey, to something completely earthy; from nebulous and pristine to more emotional and dramatic, and eventually solid and grounded - also as a metaphor for a kind of spiritual journey.

I am delighted that the Choral Celebration Network Foundation will be performing my mass, in collaboration with the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra and the Cape Town Opera Choir, and that they will engage more choirs and singers to be part of the experience.

I'm unfortunately not able to be there in person to be part of this initiative, but will have a chance to interact with you all in a Skype Q&A session from New York! Alta Mare will ensure that I will have access to the performance footage as well. As composer of the Sunrise Mass and on behalf of Alta Mare and the Choral Celebration Network Foundation, I warmly recommend this event to all interested choirs. I wish you joy, and a truly memorable experience.

Warmest regards
Ola Gjeilo

New York


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